[Figma] Shortcuts

DevDr 2023. 1. 2. 01:51


Move Tool V
Frame Tool F
Pen Tool P
Pencil Tool ⇧P
Text Tool T
Rectangle Tool R
Ellipse Tool O
Line Tool L
Arrow tool ⇧L
Pick Color ⌃C



Group Selection ⌘G
Frame Selection ⌥G
Ungroup Selection ⌘⇧G
Create Components ⌥K
Detach Instance ⌥B
Toggle Mask ⌘M
Filp Horizontal ⇧H
Filp Vertical ⇧V
Flatten Selection ⌘E
Outline Stroke ⌘⇧O
Show/Hide Selection ⌘⇧H
Lock/Unlock Selection ⌘⇧L
Collapse Layers ⌥L



Bring Forward ⌘]
Send Backward ⌘[
Bring to Front ⌥]
Send to Back ⌥[
Aling Left ⌥A
Align Right ⌥D
Align Top ⌥W
Align Bottom ⌥S
Align Horizontal Centers ⌥H
Align Vertical Centers ⌥V
Tidy Up ⌥T
Distribute Horizontal Spacing ⌥H
Distribute Vertical Spacing ⌥V


Bold ⌘B
Italic ⌘I
Underline ⌘U
Pase and Match Style ⌘⇧V
Text Align Left ⌥L
Text Align Center ⌥T
Text Align Right ⌥R
Text Align Justified ⌥J
Adjust Font Size ⌘⇧< or >
Adjust Letter Spacing ⌥, or .
Adjust Line Height ⌥< or >



Join Selection ⌘J
Sommoth Join Selection ⌘⇧J
Delete & Heal Selection



Zoom In +
Zoom Out -
Zoom to Fit !
Zoom to Selection  @
Zoom to 100% )
Rename Layer ⌘R
Rulers ⇧R
Pixel Preview ⌃P
Layout Grids ⌃G
Outlines ⌘Y




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